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Jillian Sidoti's
Raising Private Money
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Raising Money For Real Estate Does Not Have To Be Hard!!!

My personal SEC attorney, Jillian Ivey Sidoti, will be teaching at this seminar as well to help show you how to "Raise All the Money you Need the RIGHT WAY".

Jillian Sidoti's Bio

Raise Money for ANY Real Estate Deal No Matter Where It Is!
Hey! Have you ever said, “I’m looking for investors!!!"
I must hear the phrase “I’m looking for investors” every single day.

What most innocent folks don’t know is that they are violating securities laws by uttering those very words.

Now these normally law abiding citizens don’t mean to offend the SEC or their local, friendly state securities board, but unfortunately, they are, because they may just have made an offer to sell securities.
This means that any time you ask for money, that you will have control over, to gain a profit for the “investing” party, you have sold a security.

It does not matter if you term it as a loan or as a “percentage of the profits.”

It’s a security.

Jillian Sidoti, formally with Crowdfunding Lawyers, is the expert on money raising techniques for real estate companies.

After working in commercial real estate doing condo conversions for many years, Jillian started a firm that specializes in securities transactional legal matters such as Private Placement Memorandums, SEC compliance, Regulation A filings, Direct Public Offerings, and Intrastate Offerings.

Learn how to Raise Money for your Deals the right way by coming to Jillian’s 1-Day Workshop where you’ll learn how to:


Raise private capital without breaking the law

Use private money to purchase any type of real estate


Position your real estate company so that capital raising efforts are effective

What needs to be on your website for effective and legal money raising


Come away with a comprehensive list of the documents needed to protect yourself and your investors

Find out where serious investors are hiding

Ready To Take Action & Start Learning How To Raise Money For Your Deals Now?
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Jillian Sidoti's Home Study Course

You can buy Jillian's one day workshop and her home study course! Purchase of the Home Study Course also includes admission to her 1-day workshop!

Her course includes 6 sections covering topics such as:

  • Course #1: Setting Up Your Real Estate Investment Company
  • Course #2: Writing Your Real Estate Business Plan
  • Course #3: Private Money Basics – Staying within the Law
  • Course #4: What to Offer Your Investors
  • Course #5: How to Find Investors
  • Course #6: Putting Your Offering Together

As an extra bonus you’ll also receive the following:

  • Disc 1: Includes samples of operating agreements, partnership agreements, real estate investment trusts, and articles on tax treatments of LLC and the “why’s” of using an LLC
  • Disc 2: Includes a comprehensive spreadsheet program so that you may create dynamic financials along with a real estate business plan template for your use
  • Disc 3: Includes SEC guides, articles, sample purchaser qualification form, sample subscription, and FORM D revisions
  • Disc 4: Includes templates for marketing campaigns, sample agreements, articles, and press release samples
  • Disc 5: Includes a comprehensive state regulations guide, real estate questions to initially think about, and a sample PPM.

Cost for Jillian's Home Study course is only $1495. This offer also allows you to bring a guest with you for no additional charge. Just like all of our courses, we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

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